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Entrepreneur: "A fancy French term for between paychecks," a friend once remarked. Like myself, he is also self-employed as I tend to associate with other self-employed people. Many of these friends do interesting and unusual work, and I thought it would be fun to a create a photographic gallery of them. Some of the self-employed are retired while others are deceased. Their portraits, like all pictures, are frames in time.

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Harris AllenKay Atwood & David Strother, Local Historian & Author/WelderCaroline Aust, VendorMari Austad, EquestrianLori Bennett,  House CleanerRyan Bennett, Drum MakerBerniece & Brent, Advanced Photo & ImagingStacey Berrum, Construction Clean-upBea Berry, RN MSBill Black, BraiderBob, K&L MarketK&L MarketEric Borby,  GardenerJIm Bourque, RealtorPeg Bowden, ArtistKelsey Bower, Recombent Bicycle DesignerDoreen & Don BradshawLynn Brevig, Face PainterMike Brown, Craftsman